The Festivals

Siren by the Sea is a festival and competition series for screenwriters and film-makers.

We kicked off the series with a short screenplay competition from January 1st - March 7th.

We will be hosting a tavern film festival series dedicated to different genres. Presently these live events have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but plans have been made to get them going as soon as it is determined to be safe to do so.

The goals of the festival series are to provide attending film-makers with a comfortable atmosphere to spend the day networking and promoting, and to bring the magic of small independent films to the local area.

Films and trailers will be screened throughout the day with plenty of intermission time between film blocks for socializing. Film-makers will also be invited to talk about their films after the end of each block.

The selected film-makers are encouraged to attend the festival and bring their promotional materials to pass out. There will also be a special vendor's table that these film-makers may use free of charge to sell DVDs and other merchandise related to their own films.

The event ends with an awards ceremony where trophies are presented to the winners of each category. (Winners who are unable to attend will receive their award in the mail.) And of course, a social party follows afterward to celebrate.

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